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Venus Image 2007/04/22(UT)
Paolo R. Lazzarotti,Carl Roussell

Paolo R. Lazzarotti (250mm Newton)
I decided to move my telescope over a beach (!) to prevent convective heat from the ground.
Venus was well placed over the relatively cool sea surface (18) and I could enjoy a breathtaking image at the eyepiece!

[Paolo R. Lazzarotti : Massa-City,Italy]

Hiroaki Akutsu(280mm Newtonian)

kCs  vÍO

Carl Roussell(150mm F8 refractor)
Optics: 15cm f/8 Refractor
Magnification: 200x - 400x
Filters: W47, W58, W25
Seeing: 7/10  Trans: clear, (windy) 
Phase: 0.71  Dia: 15.5"

[ Carl Roussell : Cambray Canada]

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