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Mercury Image 2005/05/05(UT)
Erwin van der Velde,Zac Pujic

Erwin van der Velden(239mm SC Vesta Pro)

I've been up every morning to check the weather.  Last Thursday was cloudy,
on Friday I went way west to escape the clouds, clear most of the night but
cloudy early in the morning.  The same on Saturday, did a lot of deepsky
imaging , but... overcast on Sunday morning, with only a few glimpses of
Mercury before sunrise.  I got back on Sunday and it was still cloudy on
Monday, as well as today.  And the forecast for this week is really lousy,
for me at least. 
The more attentive reader should have noticed a hiatus in this essay by
asking himself what happened last Friday.
Finally lucky with a morning of very transparent skies with a reasonable
seeing, the latter doesn't happen that often when imaging Mercury.
The attached image shows the suspected Skinakas Basin as a dark area in the
Southern Hemisphere.
The skies should clear by Friday, hopefully I can pull another observation in.
original c050505p.tif
[Erwin van der Velden Austlaria]

Zac Pujic (310mm Newton ToUcam PRO II)

[Zac Pujic , Brisbane Australia]
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