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Uranus Image 2004/10/08(UT)
Frank J Melillo

Frank J Melillo(Celestron 203mm Schmidt Starlight Xpress MX-5)
     Dear all -

      At below, here are my latest two images of Uranus in red light Wr. #25
filter Thursday nite. I must say that the seeing was nearly perfect when they
were taken.

       I processed them very little. First, Uranus is already showing very
clearly from the raw images.  I used the Smoother/Sharper filter, unsharp
masking HPF( 2 radius/1 power) and enlarged 2 to 2 1/2 times. This is perhaps the
best resolution as possible with 1/2 arc second per pixel on the C8 telescope. I
exposed for 5 seconds using the Wr. #25 red filter to bring the best contrast
as possible on the disk. Also, the 2x barlow lens was used.

        Both images show very clearly of the possible same features. Again,
Uranus is showing perhaps the brightening of the South Polar Region (SPR) on
the east side. Also, there is a possible belt??? I don't know if it is an actual
belt or the contrast effect against the brighter SPH. I enlarged slightly on
the 3:11 UT image than the 3:16 UT.
[Frank J Melillo  Holtsville NY U.S.A]

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