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Uranus Image 2004/08/09(UT)

Ed Grafton


Ed Grafton (14 inch f/11 Celestron SCT, ST6 CCD medium resolution mode)
Here are observations from July 31st and Aug. 09th 2004. The transparency
was very good 8/10 and the seeing was very good, 8/10 with moderate dew for
both nights. Ed Grafton, Houston Texas, ST5C CCD and a 14 inch f/11 Celestron SCT
 Barlow Projection to f/27 aprox .21 arc seconds per pixel.
 Unfiltred images 400-1000nm, about 35 - 5 sec exposures
 RGBs 10 each - 5 sec exposures

[Ed Grafton, Houston Texas U.S.A.]

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