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Uranus Image 2004/07/13(UT)

Carlos E. Hernandez

Carlos E

Carlos E. Hernandez (Drawing:9-inch (23-cm) F/13.5 Maksutov- Cassegrain)
I made an observation of Uranus on July 13, 2004 at 05:00 U.T. (CM 252.9) under
good seeing conditions (6-7/10).
I believe that, under steady seeing conditions, I noted a very faint equatorial
belt (or band) as well as bright northern and southern polar regions.
This faint band was most probably a contrast effect between the two bright regions
of the planet.
I noted no other detail at this time.
I welcome any comments you may have on my observation.

The best of luck to you and your family and in your own imaging of the planets.
[[Carlos E. Hernandez  South Florida U.S.A ]]

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