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Pluto images 2004/06/20(UT)

Christophe Pellier


Christophe Pellier (C14 ; ATK-1HS)
Hello to all,
Last night I tried again to evaluate Pluto's color, but with the C14 of my
club (and a focal reducer). The field is smaller and poorer in stars,
The color balance has been corrected thanks to images taken under the same
conditions of Nu Ophiuchus, a white star currently located just 1 north of
the planet. Moreover, the brighter star at right in the field is also
obviously white, with no real variation detected in the four bands, and this
is also a reference. This observation confirms the previous, Pluto looks
blue or green-blue, again quite dim in near IR.
As the planet moved again noticeably, it was not possible to have both it
and the stars correctly color-registered ; take note that the RGB composite
is a composition of the two possible kinds of registration. Pluto has been
replaced at the mean position of the red component, taken between G and B.
I must note the planet was sighted visually at the eyepiece, this is the
first time that I see it. Now I've seen the nine planets
No attempt at imaging Charon was made, as the seeing was very poor
(confirmed on Neptune later)
Best wishes
[Christophe Pellier  Bruz City , France]

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