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Mercury Image 2004/09/19(UT)

Frank J Melillo


Frank J Melillo(Celestron 203mm Schmidt Starlight Xpress MX-5)
Dear all again -

     Shortly after Venus was taken, I turned to Mercury. It was easily
visible, even with a finderscope of 6x30mm, and was seen near the local meridian
with the magnitude of -1.1! I used Venus as a guide to find Mercury.

     The seeing was so-so and it was tough... But, there were moments of fine
seeing. The markings may change their shape due to the seeing condition, but
still agreeable with each other. Mercury was about 50 degrees above the
southern horizon. I got three best shots showing a possible albedo markings in the
southern hemisphere. At CM - 133 degrees longitude, the markings may be
Solitudo Jovis and Matae. They match very well with my earlier images and other
observations by our members.
[Frank J Melillo  Holtsville NY U.S.A]

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