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Uranus Image 2002/07/12

Ed Grafton


Ed Grafton (14 inch f/11 Celestron SCT, ST6 CCD medium resolution mode)

Hi Guys

Here is a Uranus Observation from July 12th 2002 at 09:47 UT

Photometric Data form the July 12th image with Titania used as a reference
based on a HST observation a few years back when Uranus was at opposition.

Titania mag     13.49 ( reference )
Oberon  mag     13.64
Ariel   mag     13.71
Umbriel mag     14.01

In the July 12th image Umbriel is embedded in the noise and shows the most
deviation from the expected values. The other three moons were well place
for sampling.

The sky was average transparency 5/10 and the seeing was good to excellent
7/10. There was heavy due with the temperature in the mid 70s and no wind.

Taken with a C14 @ f/27 with a ST5c from Houston Texas July 6th at 10:01 UT.

L=15 x 7 sec clear filter

  Ed Grafton          E-Mail: egrafton@ghg.net
 [Ed Grafton, Houston Texas U.S.A]

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