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Uranus Image 2002/07/06

Ed Grafton


Ed Grafton (14 inch f/11 Celestron SCT, ST6 CCD medium resolution mode)
Hi Guys

The sky was quite hazy in Houston in the early mourning hours of July 6th.
However it was also very steady and I can't really complain since a couple
of hundred miles west of here 25 inchs of rain has fallen in the last few
days. The image data is below:

Taken with a C14 @ f/27 with a ST5c from Houston Texas July 6th at 10:01 UT.

        L=15 x 8 sec
        R=G=B= 3 x 10 sec

Uranus is about 3.8 arc seconds and the moons range in brightness from about
13.8 to 14.8 magnitude.

Processed CCDOPS, Megafix, Photoshop.
  Ed Grafton          E-Mail: egrafton@ghg.net
 [Ed Grafton, Houston Texas U.S.A]

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