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Mercury Image 2001/12/27

Mario Frassati


Mario Frassati(Drawing:203mm F10 SCT, 250 X )
2001/12/27 11:00(UT)
2001/12/27 11:00(UT)

over Crescentino (VC) Italy, the Dec.23 Mercury was invisible in
daylight and the December 24 the same; The Dec.24 Mercury was only
visible after the sunset just over the trees, without details in
a very bad seeing.
This morning Dec.27 in the Northern Italy the sky was blue and
steady (seeing II-III Ant.)
Mercury was visible in daylight with some interesting albedo
features (with W21 filter).
A large bright area was visible (approx.) between -20 and -40 lat.
and between 300 to 340 long. Another large clear area was
visible (approx.) around +20 lat. and 20long.

Kind regards
Ciao e cieli sereni

 [ Mario Frassati Crescentino (VC) ITALY ]

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