Uranus Image 1986/01/24(UT)
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Voyager 2

Voyager 2

Voyager 2 narrow-angle camera

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This image shows a crescent Uranus, a view that Earthlings never witnessed until Voyager 2 flew near and then beyond Uranus on January 24, 1986. This planet's natural blue-green color is due to the absorption of redder wavelengths in the atmosphere by traces of methane gas. Uranus' diameter is 32,500 miles, a little over four times that of Earth. The hazy blue-green atmosphere probably extends to a depth of around 5,400 miles, where it rests above what is believed to be an icy or liquid mixture (an 'ocean') of water, ammonia, methane, and other volatiles, which in turn surrounds a rocky core perhaps a little smaller than Earth.
Japanese Voyager 2 が最接近の後に1月24日の天王星の背後から撮影したもので、地球からは決して見られない構図です。
もやのかかった青緑の大気は、おそらく約 1万kmの深さに及ぶ。
水の氷の、もしくは、液体の混合物とアンモニア、メタン、及び、他の揮発性 のもので構成され、地球より少し小さい岩盤の上を覆っていると考えられる。
[NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute]

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