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Makoto Adachi

At its largest, Marfs disk diameter will take up 20.8" arc seconds as it makes its second closest approach to the earth.

As to conditions observers will encounter, most of the time, Marfs declination will be at around -25º, while it will always appear low as it crosses the southern sky. Because of this, observers should be advised that atmospheric refraction will cause it to appear unnaturally colored. Unfortunately, when Mars is at its closest point to the earth and will therefore appear largest (around June 10 – July 20), Japan will in its rainy season and clear skies cannot be expected.

As a characteristic feature of this period, during the most favorable viewing time, the diameter of the south polar cap will appear larger than ever, making it possible to observe and measure parts of the planet's surface when its image is bigger than at any other time the paths of the earth and mars are relatively close. However, most of the time, the central latitude of the visible part of Mars will be around 0º, making it difficult to observe the polar regions.

Around October, Mars will tilt to the left steeply and it will become very hard to determine the location of the southern polar region. Observers will need to confirm its location by calculating the direction of the earthfs daily rotation an angle of P degrees, or to refer to a simulation picture.

 Date       Ls  Dia  The situations and the attention points
---------- --- ----- -------------------------------------------------------------------
2000/12/20  92  5.0" We can see The North Polar Cap (NPC).
2001/02/25 122  7.5" We stop see The NPC. 
                     We can not show a height Polar Cap with the South Sorth also.
2001/03/30 138 10.0" We can not show a height Polar Cap with the South Sorth also.
2001/04/05 141 10.8" It begin to see The SPC.(It go out of the shadow) 
2001/05/02 155 15.0" The SPC becomes big. Let's record the size of The SPC.
2001/05/15 161 16.6" The forecast days of The SPC biggest diameter.Let's record the size of The SPC.
2001/06/10 176 20.3" The beginning forecast days of the rainy seasonin Japan.  Keep watch on the small white cloud.
2001/06/22 182 20.8" Most Mars approach
2001/07/05 190 20.2" The SPC becomes long thin.
2001/07/20 199 18.6" Rainy season end forecast days in Japan .
2001/08/17 216 15.0" The SPC will become small.  The yellow cloud generation need for attention periods.
2001/10/10 249 10.0" The SPC will become small.  The yellow cloud generation need for attention periods.
2001/10/20 256  9.4" Time when to see mountain's Mitchell white point, But The observation difficulties
2001/12/31 300  6.3" The SPC is small.
2002/01/15 309  5.8" The forecast days of The SPC extinction.

Mars 2001 Apparition Simulated Animation.
This made Mars which to see in Britain(UT+0)
in meridian passage every day into an animated .
This is seen so as to rotate oppositely.
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Mars map

The day when South Pole Cap becomes the biggest diameter

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