ALPO-Japan: Jupiter Section (February 21, 2000)

STB Ovals BE/FA of Methane band

Tomio Akutsu

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you all enjoyed the 2000 New Year. I express also my sincere thanks to those who sent me precious planetary images last year.

Attached find please a set of my Jovian images taken from September to December 1999. I began to use a Japanese made methane-band filter(893-897nm with a width 1/2 lamda=6.5nm). I think these images show the area where BE and FA are just joining.

I produced an image of Mars on 28 December, which will be reviewed in CMO 227 (coming issue).

I hope you also keep me informed of your work on Jupiter and other planets.

With kind regards,
Sincerely yours,

16 Jan 2000

Tochigi, Japan

320mm Newton(F6.5), f/32
Cooled CCD camera Teleris2
Methane band filter: 6.5nm
Exposure: 20sec(3x3 binning)

Copyright(C) 1999 Tomio Akutsu, All Right Rerserved.

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