Jupiter: Cylindrical maps in 2004-05
(Yuichi Iga)

Cylindrical map (Created by Y.Iga using "Project-P")

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Animation of the Cylindrical maps


QuickTime movie(3163KB)

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Download of the Cylindrical maps


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Data sheet

October 21/23/24/26, 2004(Imaged by H.Einaga,H.Fukui,A.Kazemoto,I.Takimoto,C.Zannelli)
November 19/22/23, 2004(Imaged by H.Einaga, T.Ikemura, I.Takimoto)
December 2/4/5/6/7, 2004(Imaged by H.Einaga, R.Vandebergh)
December 8/9, 2004(Imaged by H.Einaga, P.Casquinha)
December 13/14/15/16, 2004(Imaged by H.Einaga, S.Clay, P.Casquinha)
December 19/20/21/22/23, 2004(Imaged by T.Akutsu, H.Einaga)
December 23/24, 2004(Imaged by T.Akutsu, H.Einaga, T.Olivetti)
December 25/26, 2004(Imaged by H.Einaga, T.Olivetti)
December 25/27/29, 2004(Imaged by H.Einaga, C.Go, D.Peach)
January 1/2, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, T.Ikemura, C.Fattinnanzi, P.Casquinha)
January 4/5, 2005(Imaged by P.Casquinha)
January 7/8/9, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, C.Go, S.Y.Choi)
January 11/13/14/15, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, C.Go, Z.Pujic, S.Clay)
January 17/19, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, I.Takimoto, C.Go, Z.Pujic)
January 21/22, 2005(Imaged by P.Casquinha,C.Go,T.Olivetti,D.Parker,Z.Pujic)
January 26/27, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, D.Parker)
January 28/29, 2005(Imaged by C.Go, T.Olivetti, D.Parker, Z.Pujic)
February 4/5, 2005(Imaged by C.Go, B.Turner, P.Casquinha)
February 9/10/12/13, 2005(Imaged by C.Go, B.Turner)
February 15/16/18, 2005(Imaged by C.Go, Z.Pujic)
February 20/21/22, 2005(Imaged by C.Fattinnanzi, C.Go, Z.Pujic)
February 24/25/26, 2005(Imaged by C.Go, Z.Pujic, B.Turner)
March 3/4/5, 2005(Imaged by C.Go, Z.Pujic)
March 6/7, 2005(Imaged by D.Parker, Z.Pujic, K.Yunoki)
March 11/12/13, 2005(Imaged by C.Go, D.Parker)
March 13/14/15, 2005(Imaged by C.Fattinnanzi, D.Parker, C.Zannelli)
March 16/17/18, 2005(Imaged by C.Z.Pujic, C.Zannelli)
March 18/19, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, T.Ikemura, K.Yunoki)
March 20/21, 2005(Imaged by C.Fattinnanzi, D.Parker, C.Zannelli)
March 23/25/26, 2005(Imaged by C.Go, D.Parker, Z.Pujic, C.Zannelli)
March 28/29/30/31, 2005(Imaged by C.Go, D.Parker)
April 1/2, 2005(Imaged by T.Akutsu, T.Kumamori, C.Fattinnanzi)
April 3/4/5, 2005(Imaged by C.Fattinnanzi, D.Parker, Z.Pujic)
April 9/11/13, 2005(Imaged by T.Ikemura, C.Fattinnanzi, D.Parker, Z.Pujic)
April 15/16, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, T.Kumamori, T.Ikemura, C.Sherod, B.Turner)
April 18/19, 2005(Imaged by C.Sherod, Z.Pujic)
April 22/23, 2005(Imaged by K.Yunoki, D.Chang, B.Turner)
April 26/27, 2005(Imaged by T.Akutsu, H.Fukui, C.Fattinnanzi, B.Turner)
April 28/29/30, 2005(Imaged by H.Fukui, T.Ikemura, T.Kumamori, Z.Pujic)
May 1/3, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, C.Go, B.Turner, C.Zannelli)
May 5/6/7, 2005(Imaged by H.Fukui, C.Go, P.Casquinha)
May 8/9/10, 2005(Imaged by P.Casquinha, C.Go, D.Parker)
May 11/12/13, 2005(Imaged by T.Ikemura, C.Go, B.Turner, D.Parker)
May 16/17, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, C.Zannelli)
May 21/22, 2005(Imaged by T.Akutsu, H.Fukui, C.Go, P.Casquinha)
May 25/26, 2005(Imaged by T.Kumamori, C.Go, C.Zannelli)
May 27/28/29, 2005(Imaged by T.Akutsu, H.Fukui, C.Go, C.Zannelli)
June 2/3/4, 2005(Imaged by R.Heffner, C.Go, Z.Pujic, B.Turner)
June 5/6, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, H.Fukui, T.Ikemura, K.Yunoki)
June 9/11, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, C.Go)
June 12/13/14, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, H.Fukui, P.Casquinha, C.Go, B.Turner)
June 14/15/16, 2005(Imaged by P.Casquinha, C.Fattinnanzi, D.Parker)
June 19/20, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, P.Casquinha, C.Go, B.Turner)
June 25/26/27, 2005(Imaged by H.Einaga, P.Casquinha, C.Fattinnanzi, C.Go, B.Turner)
July 6/7, 2005(Imaged by T.Ikemura, D.Parker, Z.Pujic)
July 8/11/12/14, 2005(Imaged by H.Fukui, C.Go, D.Parker)
July 28/30/31, 2005(Imaged by H.Fukui, T.Hayashi, G.Grassmann, Z.Pujic)

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