2002/06/15: The Activity of NEB in 2001-2002
(Yuichi Iga)




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The Activity of NEB in 2001-2002

The NEB is broad. There are several barges that are located at the middle of NEB. There are several notches that are located at the north edge of NEB (normally NTropZ). A new belt occurred in the middle of NEB. The rift of the NEB was very active. The rift had several bright white spots.

The activity of NEB is classified by three stages in this apparition. The 1st stage (August to December 2001): The great rift was very active, which was located at 150 degrees of system-II. The 2nd stage (January to February 2002): Rapid moving white spots and several rifts in the south component of NEB. The 3rd stage (March to May 2002): Recede the width of the NEB.

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Figure 1. CCD images in 2001-2002

Figure 2. Drift chart of the features of NEB

Figure 3. (A) The merger of two barges, (B,C) Disappear the two barges

Figure 4. Model of the NEB activity in 2001-2002

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Reports: The 26th Jupiter Conference (Wakayama), June 15/16, 2002

Report: 2001-02年のNEBの活動 [PDF] (Japanese)
Report: The Activity of NEB in 2001-2002 [PDF] (English)

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Presentation: The 26th Jupiter Conference (Wakayama), June 15/16, 2002

Presentation: 2001-02年のNEBの活動 [PDF] (Japanese)

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